Se sugiere la siguiente reescritura del título:«Es necesario desafiar la tradición y en ocasiones luchar contra nuestras propias raíces»

Karmento: "Hay que cuestionar la tradición, con la raíz a veces hay que estar en guerra"

Karmento, the stage name of Albacete artist Carmen Toledo from Bogarra, gained attention during the Benidorm Fest, where she performed «Quiero y duelo,» a composition that features traditional Spanish music rooted in her native La Mancha. Affectionately referred to as the «Queen of Folkloric Pop,» Karmento’s songs have connected with audiences because they reflect the experiences of coming from a small, humble background and venturing out into the world. Despite finding success and accumulating many fans, she remains rooted in her hometown and is looking forward to continuing to bring contemporary, thoughtful compositions to audiences everywhere.

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