Fernando Alonso responde la gran pregunta: ¿Cuándo se sabrá si Aston Martin puede competir por el Campeonato Mundial?

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Fernando Alonso has arrived at the Jeddah circuit in Saudi Arabia, where the second race of the F1 calendar will take place this weekend. This urban circuit is the fastest of its kind, with an average speed of 250 km/h, and is different from the Sakhir circuit where Alonso achieved a podium finish in his debut with Aston Martin. This unexpected result has raised expectations to the point where many are already wondering if he can win his 33rd victory and even his third world title. Alonso acknowledges that Jeddah is a different challenge and that it is difficult to know where Aston Martin stands at this point in the season, but he remains humble and focused on maintaining a strong start.

Although the Jeddah circuit may not be ideal for the Aston Martin, the team has reiterated that the current car is just the base and that there will be many changes in the upcoming races, with the first major upgrade package arriving at Imola on May 21st. While Alonso remains cautious about making bold predictions about his chances of winning the championship this year, Aston Martin’s new ambassador and DAZN commentator Pedro De la Rosa believes there are reasons to aim high. He emphasizes the importance of not wasting time on unnecessary developments and of concentrating resources to evolve the car, stating that when a team invests and transforms itself, the same enthusiasm that is generated in all departments is what really hooks people.

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