Inserta Empleo celebrará encuentros en C-LM para conseguir trabajo para 300 personas con discapacidad.

VÍDEO: Conseguir trabajo para 300 personas con discapacidad, reto de los encuentros que Inserta Empleo celebrará en C-LM

Inserta Empleo, a foundation under ONCE (Spanish National Organization for the Blind), is organizing a series of events with companies throughout the region with the aim of promoting the hiring of 300 people with disabilities across Castilla-La Mancha. The program named ‘Talentos’, which is supported by the European Social Fund, will feature 11 events across the region in an effort to create visibility for the abilities of people with disabilities and help their integration into the labor market. Carlos Hermida, the regional director of Inserta Empleo in Castilla-La Mancha, detailed the events that will take place around the region on June 21st, starting in Villarrobledo, and continue through July 12th to Guadalajara. The events will include breakfast and will provide information to businesses about the tax incentives that come with employing individuals with disabilities, as well as the experiences of companies that have already added people with disabilities to their teams. Carlos Hermida noted that Inserta Empleo had facilitated 1,100 job contracts for people with disabilities last year, in addition to launching 200 training programs and helping 2,200 individuals prepare for job interviews. Meanwhile, the director of the ONCE in Castilla-La Mancha indicated the importance of these events in raising awareness among businesses about the potential of individuals with disabilities and their contribution to the economy. The Confederación Regional de Empresarios de Castilla-La Mancha (Cecam) and the Consejera de Bienestar Social, Bárbara García Torijano, also expressed their support for the program and stressed the importance of promoting the hiring of people with disabilities in the region.

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