El Doctor Jorge Duque recoge el premio Dr. Fleming a la Excelencia Sanitaria en su II Edición

Dr. Jorge Duque awarded Dr. Fleming Award for Health Excellence

Dr. Jorge Duque, an expert in facial plastic surgery and otorhinolaryngology, has been awarded the Dr. Fleming Award for Health Excellence. Dr. Duque is a facial plastic surgeon with an exclusive fellowship in facial surgery and a specialization in otorhinolaryngology, making him an expert in both the functional and aesthetic aspects of nose surgery.

With over 2,000 rhinoplasties under his belt, Dr. Duque is dedicated exclusively to rhinoplasty, both primary and secondary, or reconstructive. As founder and director of Clínicas Duque, he has developed a philosophy of natural beauty that emphasizes harmony between the nose and the face. His approach does not aim to transform the face, but to enhance the patient’s natural beauty.

One of the few experts in closed rhinoplasty worldwide, Dr. Duque works with a revolutionary technique that reduces postoperative recovery time, reduces the risk of hematomas, and minimizes inflammation. He does not use nasal packing after nose surgery so that the patient can breathe through the nose immediately after the procedure.

Dr. Duque is also highly experienced in secondary or reconstructive rhinoplasty, performing it in 99% of cases using the closed approach and the patient’s own cartilage grafts to improve nasal structure and optimize the results of a previous rhinoplasty performed by another surgeon.

This expertise has led Dr. Duque to develop the innovative concept of «The House Theory» for a scarless, minimally invasive rhinoplasty with a speedy recovery. His outstanding achievements have earned him the prestigious Dr. Fleming Award for Health Excellence.

The solemn award ceremony was followed by a gala dinner and a networking event at the Hotel Wellington Madrid, attended by the award winners and their guests, including Jesus Alvarez from Recurra.

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